Digital Learning at Hippocampus

Hippocampus has introduced digital based learning at their schools.

Hippocampus schools are equipped with laptops, tabs and computers that are crucial for online learning. Online platforms such as Khan Academy – an educational platform with engaging, fun, videos on English & Math, among others – are used by our students. These videos allow students to access extra pedagogical resources to keep this new generation, incentivizing them to learn on their own time, and keeping these 21st century learners engaged.

Mr Umesh Malhotra – Founder and CEO – Hippocampus Learning Centres said “Nowadays children are spending more and more time watching content online using tabs or computers. Especially after the pandemic, keeping students engaged without digital stimulation is proving to be an increasingly impossible task. Growing up in the digital age is different. 

At Hippocampus, we emphasize the importance of teaching our students 21st century skills & equipping them to be future ready.

CSpathshala curriculum is being implemented across Hippocampus schools, which is a free and open-source computational thinking curriculum for primary and secondary students. CSpathshala, unlike other CT curricula, focuses on unplugged computational activities to teach “computing without computers,” which is especially useful for students who do not have regular internet access. 

CT focuses on problem solving and algorithm comprehension. 

Junior students are given a variety of puzzles that include grid traversing, Pascal’s triangle, tangram solving, map creation, and maze solving. To solve complex computational problems.

Middle school students may be given Sudoku, Fibonacci numbers, or graphs. These CSpathshala activities prepare them for future coding and digital literacy success.

Software for school operations

Hippocampus uses cutting-edge software that allows us to manage all of our schools digitally. Fedena allows us to keep our records on enrollment, academic management, transportation, fees, teacher attendance, and payroll, safe and accessible. Different parties can access different records on Fedena simultaneously: parents can track their children’s grades, teachers can check attendance records, and our employees can check to see if all fees have been paid accordingly. Fedena’s multi-school management feature allows all Hippocampus schools to be monitored through one streamlined process.  Finally, Fedena’s online security network ensures that all of Hippocampus’ important school data is stored safely and accessible only to those who should be able to see it.




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