Dussehra celebrations at Hippocampus schools.

Dussehra celebrations took place across Hippocampus schools with fun learning activities such as children making Goddess Durga 9 avatars wall hangings and also with natural betel leaves, flowers, buds, and petals. Making clay dolls for Gombe Utsava, (doll arrangement), and the process of making salads and Jambu savari with their friends. 

Keeping the festive spirit alive, the celebration was part of our ‘learning by doing’ philosophy. Children learned about tradition, culture, and the values of honesty, respect, humility, and obedience that are central to our Indian epic, Ramayana. 

All the children enthusiastically participated and enjoyed the celebration. Thus, the celebration not only enhanced their learning but also made it memorable for our little ones, which they will cherish for a long time.

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