Down To Earth – Making A Difference: Hippocampus Learning Centres

Umesh Malhotra, Founder and CEO, of Hippocampus Learning Centres, talks about overcoming challenges and working through them. He also stresses the importance of reading, in this segment of Down To Earth.
Down to Earth is a special series that captures the passion of social entrepreneurs who are silently changing the face of India. The series will highlight cutting-edge developments in philanthropy and the social sector in India. It is a series that celebrates the spirit of social entrepreneurship.

Down to Earth chronicles the stories of six social entrepreneurs viz., Umesh Malhotra of Hippocampus Learning Centres, SV Krishnan and Sudha Krishnan of ACE Experiences, Namita Banka of Banka Bio Loo Pvt Ltd, Amarsh Chaturvedi of Transerve Technologies, Khitish Pandya of Eco Tasar Silks and Karthik Wahi of Claro Energy. These entrepreneurs are not only leading organizations that are successfully applying business ideas to create a social impact but also providing employment and access to improved livelihood opportunities to many.


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